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Dr. Roy is the Dean of Grad School Asia and holds responsibility for the overall strategic management & leadership in achieving the graduate schools’ vision & goals. His own belief for lifelong learning, as well as his drive for business management excellence, has brought him to achieving his passion for being part of the postgraduate education sector in Malaysia. He is also the GM Head of HR at Ibiden Electronics Malaysia.
Dr Roy Prasad
Group Chief Executive Officer
What Constitutes a Great Employee Total Rewards Package?
The transformation that has occurred in the workforce industry within the past few years has revealed...
Is Payroll Outsourcing Right for You? Here’s How To Know
If you have a plan to outsource your payroll, then you should read this article. Here we are going to...
How a Payroll Audit Can Rescue Your Business
How a Payroll Audit Can Rescue Your Business As much as you don’t want your business to get involved...
Top 10 highest-paying industries in Malaysia
Which are the highest-paying fields in Malaysia? Is it finance, with its promise of generous bonuses?...
Muslim business people discussion
More Malaysian companies raising employees’ salaries
More employers are increasing the wages of their employees this year compared with 2020, reflecting a...
hr business partner
Recruited as a HR Business Partner While Still Learning
How to get Recruited as an HRBP While Still Learning With the growing popularity of the human resource...
Pursuing a Career as an HRBP: What You Need to Know
Pursuing a Career as an HRBP: What You Need to Know If you are passionate about getting involved in human...
After being laid off in HR, What next?
You have just received the news that you’ve just been laid off or retrenched. It’s terrible news. Despite...



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